Cedars of Dortmund

Cedars of Dortmund

  • Founding Year: 2013
  • Based in (City, Country): Beirut, Lebanon
  • Number of Members: 150
  • Head of Fan Club: Mohammad Haj
  • Contact Details: Cedarsdortmund@gmail.com

    What's your History?

    In 2013, The Head of our fan club “ Mohammad Haj “ started searching for Lebanese Dortmund Fans on facebook, to join a Whatsapp group, in order to meet later on, and make gatherings. We Started from a group that have 3 Members, and now we are about 150 Members. We have done many gatherings, as some members went to Signal Iduna Park and met the Team Players.

    Why do you love BVB?

    The Atmosphere of the yellow wall, is the most attractive thing in Borussia Dortmund. As well the Culture of Dortmund City, and the people of Dortmund, They All love the club, every thing in Dortmund is Wonderful.

    What's your most memorable BVB-Moment?

    One of the moments that we will never forget, was the day we met Ultras The Unity, one of the main groups of The Yellow wall. It was a great day.

    Where do you watch our matches?

    Pub Name: Pros Cafe ( Dekwene ) / Calibri Pub ( Hamra ) Beer Price:

    Google Link: Pub Address: