All about the Black Yellow App

All about the Black Yellow App

About the BlackYellow App

Black and Yellow are the iconic colors of our club, Borussia Dortmund. With BlackYellow, we created a distinct brand to reach out to and connect with our supporters across the globe. The BlackYellow App is at the center of our community-building efforts. It's the digital home for all who want to be closely connected and follow along our club's journey.

Here's what you can find in the BlackYellow App:

  • Exclusive English-language content for, about, and even from fans
  • A global community of BVB supporters to connect and discuss with
  • Various ways to directly interact with the BlackYellow team

Make sure you get the best BlackYellow experience and download our app for Android or iOS.

Feature Highlights


For BVB fans around the world, it’s not always easy to experience the club in Dortmund. We want to recognize your passion and make your voice heard, wherever you are in the world. Fan Polls and Fan Questions are just the beginning of the many ways we are going to interact with you.

Start Groups

With Groups, you can create spaces where you can meet and discuss with other fans. We also have many official fan clubs represented by their group. Whether you want to talk about upcoming or live games, organize a BlackYellow meetup, or build a community around your fan content, groups are a great way to do so.

Collect Stickers

You can regularly discover and earn limited-edition stickers in the app. Think of them as digital collectibles and badges that make your contributions to the community visible. You can showcase your stickers in your profile, all your content, and even take them with you across web3.

Boost with Tokens

Many of your activities in the community get rewarded with BlackYellow Tokens. You can use them to boost things across the app and to unlock Stickers. By boosting other users' content, you not only show your appreciation but also give back. BlackYellow Tokens are not for sale and not tradeable.