You may ask yourself: So what is this token thing about? Do I need them? What do I use them for? How does all of this work?

Below you will find a brief explanation that should answer a lot of your initial questions. If however, you still don't feel like you have understood the concept of token in this app, feel free to contact us via the Help/Support section. We will try to answer all your questions and will add general information to this page if it adds value to everybody else.


Token Icon

The BVB-Tokens are digital social items that you can use inside the app to boost ideas, content, and comments you enjoy.  BVB-Tokens cannot be bought nor traded! Think of them as blackyellow engagement points. The more you collect, the more you can participate and interact with BVB. You will earn new tokens through active in-app engagement, for example: you have received 09 tokens today for opening the app. If you hang around in the app, you will soon recognize that there are several ways of earning further. We will continuously add so called token-trigger and will inform you everytime. Let the hunt begin! Fun fact: each time we upload a new voting, we will gift you a token in order for you to participate.

What is a frozen token?

When you use BVB-Tokens to take part in a voting, a share of them will be locked. Your tokens will return to you after the voting has ended. his prevents users from voting multiple times with the same tokens. For example: you participate in a voting and a share of the used tokens will be frozen until the voting period has ended. This means that the tokens still belong to you, but you cannot access them for a certain period of time. As soon as the voting period has ended, you will be notified and you frozen token are returned to your wallet.


Boost Feature

The boost feature works similarly to a "like" on other social platforms.  In contrast to other social platforms, where you can only like something once, the boost features allows you to use BVB-Tokens and let you decide how many tokens you want to boost a content with. That way you can signal that you liked several posts but liked one better than the other. There is also the option to boost content multiple times. The boost is used to highlight popular content and the number of boost an idea or comment receives, will influence the order in which they are displayed in the app. To that end, the boost feature works similar to an upvote on other platforms. Especially relevant is the influence of the received boosts in the sorting order of ideas in the Ideation Hub and Proposals.