Brookly Borussen New York City

Founding Year: 2019 Based in (City, Country): Brooklyn, New York City Number of Members: 45 Head of Fan Club: Clarence Contact Details:

What's your History?

Established in 2019, Brooklyn Borussens mission is to provide a positive environment for like minded fans, lift our club and represent it to the best of our abilities through an inclusive, diverse, committed and passionate community.

Why do you love BVB?

There is no organization that better encapsulates the footballing experience. From young to old, the BVB passion is something no one forgets.

What's your most memorable BVB-Moment?

1996/97 Champions League final.

Where do you watch our matches?

Pub Name: Banter Bar Beer Price: $8 Pub Address: 132 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY