BVB Asia Tour 2022 Moments

Borussia Dortmund was back on tour in Asia! The BVB Asia Tour 2022 brought our squad and thousands of fans to Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. We matched up in friendlies against

  • the Lion City Sailors on the 24th of November,
  • the Johor Southern Tigers on the 28th of November,
  • the Vietnam National Team on the 30th of November,

To celebrate the tour, we created a special collection of BlackYellow Moments. Each Moment commemorates a precious memory for everyone involved. On top, some Stickers come with a special perk that can be redeemed.

To unlock packs, you can use 99 BlackYellow Tokens or purchase them at 4,99€. Purchasing only works in the mobile apps on Android or iOS - where you get the best BlackYellow experience anyways 💪

Get your Moments Pack here and start collecting.


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