🚨 VIP-TICKETS GIVEAWAY for the CL Home Match Against Chelsea FC 🚨

2023-01-31 10:07  Ended 

Liquiditeam, the Official Provider of the BVB BlackYellow App, is giving away 2 VIP-Tickets for our Champions League home game against Chelsea FC on the 15th of February 2023 to one lucky fan who participates in this fan question ...GOOD LUCK!

What do You Have to do?

  1. Let us know why you should win the tickets and
  2. tag the person you want to bring along in your answer!

If your friend is not yet a member of our BlackYellow App, then you can easily invite them with your personal invitation code.

Who gets the VIP-Tickets?

The fan whose answer gets the most boosts by 9th February 2023 (19:09 CET) will get the 2 VIP tickets.

Further information

All other services in connection with attending the match, e.g., travel and accommodation are not covered.

Click here for the conditions of participation.



We Love Borussia Dortmund 🖤💛

I would love to win the tickets because my buddy @josephmildner09 and I have been trying to get tickets for our club Dortmund for 2 years now… A dream of ours would come true if we see Dortmund in the Champions League!!

🖤💛Heja BVB💛🖤

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Maybe, finally my time has come!

As a fan since 2019, I feel it's about time I get the chance to attend a BVB game.

I had a ticket for one friendly match last year, but at the last minute the match was canceled and a new one was not rescheduled. I also happened to be in Germany a few times, but something always didn't fit- either there were no games, or there were only away games...

It will be an amazing and special experience for me if I get to win tickets to the game, and my little sister will also be happy to be a part of it @Nikolpp Even if I don't win, I'm sure anyone who wins will experience it as an amazing opportunity. Thank you for this! Love you all🖤💛

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my dream can come true

my friend (@Brudii07) and I belong to the official bvb fan club in cuba, we currently reside in Europe and our biggest dream since we were kids is to go see a match at the westfalen stadium

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Biggest Black and Yellow fan EVER

I have been a fan for almost a decade. I have not missed watching a single match on TV live. I’m from India. But currently I am in Germany doing my masters. And Borussia Dortmund was definitely one of the reasons I am here. Even if I don’t win here, I can’t wait to visit Dortmund and witness the Great Yellow Wall. See you guys, soon. Heja BVB 🐝

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I am the lucky charm for BVB

I should get the tickets because our BVB always won when I was at a Champions League game at the Westfalenstadion.

I would take my friend @Jonas Rubel with me!

Heja BVB 🖤💛

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No 1 fan of dortmund in Nigeria.

Am seeing myself as one the no 1 fan of bvb in Nigeria. Because have been trying to gather some but am seeing myself alone. Am formerly arsenal fan but fall in love with dortmund in season 2012 and since then have been die hard fan of bvb. Funny part of it is I influence my wife to watching ball and she had fall in love with dortmund to. Ever since then our room has been yellow and black. And she is who I will like to come with. I just wish I win this ticket

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I should win those VIP tickets because me and my friend @carlosmaldonado are traveling from California, USA to dortmund that week and it would definitely be a dream of ours to attend a CL game


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Me and my mom in black & yellow

me and @corneliaclasen would love to win those tickets, I’ve been a fan since my early childhood because of her. I’ve never been to a game before so it would be an absolute experience (and also: AGAINST CHELSEA, like woah) I would be so so so SO happy to win those :))))

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Heja BVB

I should get the tickets because I would like to enjoy the game with my friend and BVB fan @notimosode 🖤💛. We have no tickets

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I would be a dream

It would be a dream to visit the game 🤩. I would take @nosode with me. Please boost. Thanks 🙏🏽

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