Chiong,Kiasu,Blur like Sotong

Chiong meaning:To rush,To hurry up or to give your all(like all of your power)to complete something in a hurry. Example:"Come on Dortmund! Let's CHIONG for the win!!!" Kiasu this Hokkien term means that someone is afraid of losing out. Just as using the term ‘competitive’ to describe someone can have positive or negative meanings, ‘kiasu’ is often used to describe someone who is selfish and trying to get ahead of others. Example, someone may say "Tutoring is very popular in Singapore because of kiasu parents who want their children to get the top grades in school". Blur like Sotong Sotong is the Malay word for ‘squid’, and this phrase is used to describe someone who is slow at catching on or just generally clueless. It comes from the fact that squids use ink as a self-defense mechanism because the ink makes it hard for their predators to see and so their vision is blurred.


So how does it work? Would you say "blur like sotong" to your opponent after you scored? So is it basically a form of trash-talking? 🥳

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Yay! You have seen it all

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