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2022-11-29 4:08 by BVB

Pham Duong is a fan of BVB since 2012! Here is his story:

1. How did you become a fan of Borussia Dortmund?

The club caught my attention when the talented player Marco Reus joined the club in July 2012.

Dortmund reached the final of the UEFA Champion's League in 2013 and during that match, I was amazed by the play and the spirit of the defender Neven Subotic. Since then, I officially became a fan of Borussia Dortmund

2. Which players do you enjoy watching the most past or present?

I am always fascinated by the plays of the defenders, as they are the backbones and unsung heroes of the team, whom every other players of the team can rely on. So I usually watch the match with special attentions to the defenders.

In the past, my most favorite one was Neven Subotic. And presently, Nico Schlotterbeck is the one to watch. He is fast, smart and totally reliable. Seeing him play gives us fan a feeling of solid defense and we know that the whole team can count on him.

3. What are some of your favorite moments within the BVB fan community?

One of my most memorable experience is the BVB Legends Tour in September 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City. I got the chance of personally meeting and greetings with my most favorite players such as Roman Weidenfeller, Kevin Gorsskreut and Marcel Schmelzer. I used to watch them on the small screen with admirations and pride. That was the first time I could get to them and watch them playing closely. The feeling was so great, and that was one-of-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget.

During this event, I also got the chance of meeting with other local and international BVB fans, and viewing together the match of the BVB legends vs. Vietnam All Stars directly on the stadium. We share a lot of laughers and joined in a lot of activities; we also had a lot of stories to share with each other during this special occasions.

Our local fan clubs also has offline meetings to view the BVB matches together, and sometimes we get together to welcome fans from other countries traveling to Vietnam. These are special occasions where we can talk about everything related to our club, and these make us feel like we are part of a big global family that always has the shared strong passions and strengths, just like the essence of our favorite football team.

4. How do you follow the club in your country?

Mostly via the social networks. In Vietnam, the most popular one is Facebook, and thankfully, the BVB official page are constantly updated with official news and facts of the team's activities. We are very happy with the contents in our own language, which are provided on a daily basis.

Moreover, there are always great online contents of well-wishing and greetings related to our national occasions such as Vietnam's National Day, Women's Day, Victory Day, Tet Celebrations. The contents are also very trendy with fun and enjoyable news and updates, these not only make me proud being a Vietnamese BVB fan, but also caught the attentions of football fans nation-wide.

5. What's one fun fact about you you'd like to share with the BVB community?

As a runner myself I always run in BVB jersey or training shirts, which gives me the chance to show our club's black and yellow colors to the local community wherever I run to. Running in BVB shirt also makes me feel like I am one of BVB players on the pitch.

I usually am out running in black-and-yellow shirts 3 to 4 times a week and of course, I always wear Dortmund shirt during official races of distances such as half-marathons of marathons. It always seems to the that the Dortmund shirt I'm wearing gives me more strength and stamina to complete my runs. The feeling of joy during the races and crossing the finish line after long hours of running in my favorite club's shirt always makes it much more meaningful and makes me proud to be a BVB fan.

Being one of the founders of a running club in Ho Chi Minh City since 2017 (Phu My Hung Runners' Club), and was inspired by BVB's black and yellow, I chose yellow as the theme color for our running club. Thanks to this decision, today our club (Phu My Hung Runners' Club) is the most recognizable in almost every big race in Ho Chi Minh City and in Vietnam.

It's lovely to get to know you, thank you for your support!! 🖤💛

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