Fan Profile: Nguyen Dang Duy 🇻🇳

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2022-11-29 4:42 by BVB

Get to know Nguyen Dang Duy also from Ho Chi Minh City!

1. How did you become a fan of Borussia Dortmund?

I became a BVB fan on the last matchdays of the 2010/11 season. I’ve been familiar with the league since the early 2000s when TV occasionally broadcast some Bundesliga matches – so knowing a club with an interesting color scheme was topping the table and dubbed as an “awakening giant” caught my attention. I did some research and started following the team. Instantly hooked.

2. Which players do you enjoy watching the most past or present?

Kagawa is one of the reasons that made me fall in love with this club. He’s very smart, and skillful on the pitch, and was such a bargain. I also love Kuba and Piszczek for their hard work and commitment, never stop fighting. Reus, our captain of course, what a man. It’s unbelievable that this is already his 10th season with the club. Currently, Bellingham and Kobel are the players I really enjoy watching right now.

3. What are some of your favorite moments within the BVB fan community?

We are proud of this small, close-knit community. I remembered our first big event was the Champions League final in 2013. Even though we lost that night and were “outnumbered” by Bayern fans, we were much louder and proud of what the team have achieved. The next notable events were legend Karl-Heinz Riedle in 2015, FIFA Fanclubs in 2016 by Vietnam Esports, legend Joerg Heinrich in 2017 with the DFB Cup…and the latest – True Love with the whole Legend team happened not so long ago. These are fond memories that I will never forget.

4. How do you follow the club in your country?

I mostly use Twitter and Facebook for news and updates around the club. I also watch the BVB official YouTube channel from time to time.

5. What's one fun fact about you you'd like to share with the BVB community?

I used to be a “fan” of 1860 Munich. Yes, you heard that right. I was first exposed to Bundesliga around 1999 when I was only 7 years old. My cousin bought the game FIFA home and he chose Bayern as his favorite team. I had no choice but to find another “Munich” team so 1860 was a perfect decision to go with. But it’s hard to keep me interested as it’s very rare to catch a Bundesliga game on TV at that time. Then the booming of the Premier League and I was kind of lose track for a while but then have had an eye on the league again since Klopp came. The rest is history. Now only “Echte Liebe”!

We're so happy to have you as part of our BVB family, thank you for all your support throughout the years 🖤💛

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