Champions League final: BVB warn against the purchase of black market tickets

2024-05-14 03:26 PM by Borussia Dortmund–  2m read

Ahead of the Champions League final in London, Borussia Dortmund are warning against the purchase of authorisation codes and tickets via unauthorised channels.

Our BVB will take to the field at Wembley Stadium for the Champions League final against Real Madrid on Saturday 01/06/2024. With around 400,000 ticket requests, we are overwhelmed by the support shown by our members, season ticket holders and fan clubs. As BVB only have an available contingent of 25,000 tickets, a majority of the requests unfortunately could not be considered.

On this note, however, we would like to urgently warn against the purchase of authorisation codes or tickets via unauthorised and unofficial sales platforms. Platforms such as viagogo, StubHub, eBay or classified ads have not been authorised by us to sell tickets for the final. The purchase of authorisation codes and tickets via such channels is not only risky, but also violates both our General Ticket Terms and Conditions (ATGB) and UEFA's General Terms and Conditions (available at plus our principles of fairness and integrity.

In order to combat this illegal trade, Borussia Dortmund are working together with a law firm with which we have been in close cooperation for a number of years. Sellers who put up tickets on the black market are consistently prosecuted and warned and can expect the following serious consequences:

  • Blocking of the tickets in question without replacement
  • Exclusion from the purchase of tickets
  • Loss of additional membership benefits
  • Cancellation of their season ticket
  • Payment of a penalty fee of up to €2,500.

We are determined to ensure our loyal supporters have a fair chance to purchase tickets and that those who try to exploit this opportunity are held accountable. That is why BVB are rigorously fighting against the unauthorised ticket trade, with the primary objective of protecting our fans.

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